Customisation Services

We provide a range of security upgrades, modifications and customisations, for all of our vehicles, carried out by top quality tradesmen at very competitive rates. .... Please note - customisation work is only carried out on vehicles bought from us.

High Security Anti-Theft Ford Systems

Vehicle thefts are unfortunately on the rise, there are simple bits of kit which can help stop this!

Range Rovers, Mercedes, Ford and every other make is effected. We hear a lot about Ford Transits being broken into compared to other models of vans on the road. This is not entirely unusual as there are four times as many Ford Transits on the road than any other van, so you would expect more Transits to be effected than other models.

There are simple and relatively inexpensive measures you can take to help prevent theft of or from your Transit - we supply Hykee High Security door locks as well as OBD port (diagnostic port) lock boxes for our Transit range which we keep in stock here at Frost HQ! These are tried and tested security measures which helps prevent your vehicle becoming one of the statistics.

Plywood Linings, Carpet Lining

Van ply lining kits can be designed, manufactured and fitted to any suitable vehicle. For high quality van ply linings we use exterior grade hardwood plywood, water and heat resistant, and suitable for almost any trade purpose. Protective side wall and door panels along with protective floor panels and wheel arch covers are fabricated to be durable and hard wearing allowing a tailor-made finish. Carpet can also be tailor made and fitted giving the rear of the van a warmer more comfortable feel.

Roof Racks

We can supply and fit roof mounted carrying systems ranging from a standard 2 bar kit to a full length cage style roof rack, with rear door access ladders for the higher roof vehicles.

Upholstery, Embroidery

Give your vehicle that touch of class and luxury by taking advantage of our bespoke upholstery and embroidery service, options include leather and many other materials in a vast array of colours, all done to your own personal taste and preference.

Window Conversions

For the benefit of vehicles used for leisure and personnel carriers we can supply and fit top quality fixed or opening side windows with varying degrees of privacy tint and also can convert the solid rear panel doors to glazed units, all done by top quality local professionals.

Additional Seating

We have a choice of options ranging from folding bench seats to factory specification 3 point belt seats, all fitted in accordance with CE approval for your added safety and piece of mind.

Sign Writing, Graphics and Vehicle Wrapping

We offer a free design service or can use your existing designs to enhance the look of your new vehicle and give you maximum advertising potential for your business.

Hands Free Telephone Kits

Top quality hands-free fitted in-house by a trained professional, it’s cheaper than a fine from the police!

Alloy Wheels

Top quality load rated alloy wheels and tyres are available to further emphasise your vehicles individuality.

Vehicle Colour Coding

Full colour coding packages to cater for your own individual tastes are available, this process is a superb enhancement to any vehicle.